Special rights holders for DAN and qualification examinations in Canada:

These rights are issued by JKA Headquarter to conduct DAN and qualification examinations in Canada. The levels indicated below are the maximum Dan ranks to which they can give an examination.

Jean-Pierre Cusson (Quebec)
SANDAN (3rd DAN) examination, 2013

Don Sharp (British Columbia)
SANDAN (3rd DAN) examination, 2018

Shahrokh Hoghooghi (Quebec)
NIDAN (2nd DAN) examination, 2014

François Gélinas (Quebec)
SHODAN (1st DAN) examination, 2008

Melarie Taylor (Quebec)
SHODAN (1st DAN) examination, 2014

Dan grading

High ranking members of the JKA-SKD Canada

NANADAN (7th Dan):
Sakurai Yasuo (Japan), April 2005
Gélinas François (Quebec), October 2017
Cusson Jean-Pierre (Quebec), April 2018 
Hoghooghi Shahrokh (Quebec), April 2018
Dessaint Louis (Quebec), October 2018
Sharp Don (British Columbia), October 2018

ROKUDAN (6th Dan):
Pavaliu Émil (Québec), June 2000
Quirion Manon (Quebec), October 2015
Blier Pierre (Quebec), April 2016
Massotti Angelo (Quebec), July 2017
Verzotti Daniel (Alberta), October 2018
Deschatelets Mark (Quebec), September 2019
Doherty Michael (British Columbia), September 2019

GODAN (5th Dan): 
Avellaneda Oscar (Ontario), July 2005
Taylor Melarie (Quebec), July 2007
Ungar Stacy (Quebec), October 2014
Mallett Graham (British Columbia), June 2016
Sharp Salvina (British Columbia), June 2016
Rabah Driad (Quebec), September 2019
Lacerte Robert (Quebec), September 2019
Aikawa Bio (Ontario), July 2021

YONDAN (4th Dan):
Tremblay Normand (Quebec), 1988
Tremblay Alain (Quebec), 1993
Ismail Ashraf (Quebec), December 1996
Persico François (Quebec), July 2004
Houle Jean-Pierre (Quebec), December 2006
Pinchuk David (Québec), December 2008
Landry Stéphane (Quebec), 2013
Liboiron Daniel (Quebec), May 2016
Omeria Ashraf (British Columbia), June 2016
Atkin Paul (British Columbia), June 2016
Sidhu Harry (British Columbia), June 2016
Hardy Nadia (Québec), July 2016
Canaan Carole (Quebec), July 2018
Ishmael Trevor (Quebec), July 2018
Miller Tammy (British Columbia), October 2018
Gendron Jean-Pierre (Quebec), September 2019
Robidas Joanne (Quebec), September 2019
Deslandes Marco (Quebec), September 2019
Baaco Angelo (Quebec), September 2019
Koperqualuk Lisa (Quebec), September 2019
Natalino Mussini Pier (Quebec), September 2019
Hébert Johanne (Quebec), October 2020
Lappan Joe (British Columbia), October 2020
Charbonneau Roger (Quebec), October 2020
Robert Ben, October 2020
Gilles, July 2021

SANDAN (3rd Dan):
Duquette Michel (Quebec), July 1989
Ishmael Hakim (Quebec), December 2000
Boucher Glen (British Columbia), June 2006
Monast Bernard (Quebec), November 2007
Ahlsten Andrew (British Columbia), August 2008
Lester John (British Columbia), August 2008
Eugeni Rosanna (Quebec), July 2009
Gauvreau Serge (Quebec), August 2009
Hrusik Larry (British Columbia), June 2010
Bénard Christian (Quebec), June 2010
Scott Louise (British Columbia), 2012
Allyen Philip (Quebec), July 2012
Guilbault Lyne (Quebec), 2013
Lemnariu Sorin (British Columbia), 2013
Zink Tania (British Columbia), 2013
Orford Robyn (British Columbia), May 2014
Lenet Stephen (Quebec), July 2014
Jacques Jean-Guy (Quebec), July 2014
Mongrain François (Quebec), July 2014
Billo Chuck (Quebec), March 2015
Smith Brock, (British Columbia), June 2016
Degroote Hugo (Quebec), July 2016
Solomon Jasmine (Quebec), July 2016
Sylvestre Julie (Quebec), July 2016
Van Dyke Pierre (Quebec), July 2017
Clairméus Aristhène (Quebec), July 2017
Phok Richie (Quebec), July 2017
Vanderloo Alain (Quebec), September 2017
Hennouche Mahmoud (Quebec), November 2017
Gemelas Michael (British Columbia), November 2018
Roux Christine (Quebec), July 2018
Solomon-Markus Felicia (Quebec), February 2019
Douda David (British Columbia), May 2019
Lovera Marco (British Columbia), June 2019
Lan Timothy (Quebec), June 2019
Le William (Quebec), June 2019
Adrar François, September 2019
Vallée Martin (Quebec), September 2019
Dion Sylvain (Quebec), November 2019
Fancellu Brandon (Quebec), February 16th 2020
Kehler Mitch (Alberta), November 2020
McGowan Philippa (Quebec), March 2021
Bruneau Billy (Quebec), March 2021
Starinsky Nick (Quebec), July 2021
Lemyre Marc (Quebec), July 2021

Tremblay Andrée (Quebec), July 2021
Simard Michel (Quebec), July 2021